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Don Klingstein

Hi, I'm seeking a strategic leadership position for a national industrial equipment / manufacturing software organization. Can I help you generate greater

Don Klingstein is a key driver, a forward-thinking action-driven strategic business leader who brings unending passion to sales, business development & distribution, with marketing expertise, of manufactured industrial products and enterprise wide software sold to national and global markets.  He is known for developing the strategies for establishing multiple European companies in North America as well as stimulating improved growth and revenue in existing North American and European companies through increased market penetration and customer retention using highly developed, critically detailed time-proven strategies. 

Accomplishing this, he is a firm believer in producing / maintaining a market analysis that clearly identifies competitors, their products and markets the Company must penetrate for generating positive revenue.  To produce these results, he is considered a dynamic trail-blazer, thinking outside the box generating time-sensitive company solutions to both user recognized / un-recognized issues by hiring, training, coaching and mentoring the sales team to “Lead with Questions” while responding with the features, advantages and benefits (FAB’s) of our products. Thus, generating success that competitors only talk about achieving. 

Foremost, Don is an accomplished information harvester and analytical researcher, focusing on maintaining an up-to-date company-wide CRM system.  With all this as an anchor, he is recognized as an effective and timely communicator to all internal / external partners and colleagues alike delivering the WIN-WIN success culture I’m accustomed to achieving.

Finally, all this comes from 30 years’ hands-on experience in industrial / manufacturing distribution environment including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, construction, industrial, medical, metals, military, petrochemical, shipping, telecommunications, heavy manufacturing industries and more, delivering team lead simple to complex solutions to customers eager to stay ahead of their global competition. 


Has your company stayed ahead of global competition?  Are you #1 in your industry niche?  Interested in learning more, I recommend scheduling time to talk with Don discussing your situation and his suggestions for generating success.  

Don Klingstein's Background

Don Klingstein's Experience

Director of Sales at Measurement Masters, Inc

2009 - Present | Irvine, CA

Oversee strategic sales / marketing function. Develop distribution, contract, distributor and representative channels. Set tactical sales programs. Lead team of 5.

Business Consultant at CorkStrategies (Advisory Business Consultants)

January 2005 - Present | Midwest

Business analyst / strategic business planner providing strategic sales planning, marketing communication and channel management • Implemented distribution plan for agricultural seed company that enhanced sales by 23%. • Created business strategy for medical company that produced 3 on-demand NICU hospital programs • Historically analyzed manufacturing company’s strategic sales vision; solidified market focus; implemented customer retention plan that produced 10% - 25% increase in sales the first year.

Business Development Manager, OEM Global at SigmaTEK Systems LLC

January 2016 - March 2017 | Cincinnati, OH

CAD / CAM, MES / ERP / IoT / Data Collection software developer, 275 employees • Defined success strategies for newly formed Global Business Development Group • Generated global OEM target relationship with 384 companies classified by geographic location, process and prioritization • Instituted process for recycling / reviving over 200 aged, non-producing OEM agreements • Produced weekly OEM status report defining stage of OEM relationship / progress • Consistently developing new OEM contacts throughout North/South America, Europe and Asia all producing global opportunities • End of 2016 Business Develop Team owned 6 OEM Agreements with 3 more on the table for signing • Lead US team of three and international cross-functional team on wide range of OEM opportunities • Forced corporate financial re-organization dissolved Business Development Group leveraging responsibilities on sales team

Director – Business Development, Strategic Sales & Marketing, NA at Remmert, USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Company Closed Due To European Economy

2007 - 2009 | Zionsville, IN

Established North American company for EU entity. Marketed, sold and supported automatic storage and retrieval system sales. Managed 10 professionals /150 indirect and controlled company budget.

General Manager, North American Sales & Marketing at Missler Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Company Closed Due to Sale to Competitor

2003 - 2004 | Chicago, IL

Created and implemented business plan involving operations, sales and marketing with the goal of entering emerging country market by penetrating, retaining and maintaining a customer base for selling the products and services to the industries served. Direct Reports: 8; worked with Cross-Functional Team Reports of over 150 people externally. Sales cycle of 3 to 9 months generally. Company sales into: U.S. Canada, Mexico and Europe • Recognized marketplace opportunity to increase market awareness and sales. Developed web presence that keyed in on the product attributes that meet customer requirements for new distribution channel. Implemented new company marketing technology that increased market awareness and penetration resulting in achieving annual sales goal in the first year within 7 months. • A high-priced foreign product required strategic business development marketing plan for entry into each marketplace for expanding global sales. Conducted market research, evaluated competition and established distribution channels, and determined marketplace requirements that created business development strategies including unique video and technical sales presentations within 45 days of start-up. Led implementation which resulted in launching new product and generating sales of $10 MM by the end of the second year.

Regional Manager / Product Manager, NA at Peddinghaus Inc

2001 - 2003 | Bradley, IL

Re-developed a regional market which had been left neglected and un-served by enhancing market presentation, generating information harvesting techniques and improving team moral by instituting training programs, providing improved support and direct contact with all sources involved in retaining, maintaining and obtaining marketing and sales opportunities. Direct Reports: 6; worked with Cross-Functional Team Reports of 60 people. Sales cycle of 3 to 12 months generally. Company sales into U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, Oceania • Inherited an under-developed, under-managed region that was declining in sales. Analyzed and evaluated customer accounts and staff, identified problem areas, developed, and implemented sales strategy that included region re-structuring and redeveloping solid customer-driven relationships within 30 days of hire. All resulted in turning around region which drove sales back to the company and away from the competition.

Regional Sales Manager, NA at Behringer Inc

1993 - 2001 | Morgantown, PA

Full responsibility for all short- and long-term strategic sales, market planning, sales communications, contracted distribution, product training and consultative application engineering for all of North America designed for a product line that included over 160 different offerings ranging in value from $25,000 to $1 million each. Sales management of all projects generated outside North America. Direct Reports: 8; worked with Cross-Functional Team of Indirect Reports: over 250 people. Sales cycle of 3 to 9 months generally. Company sales into U.S., Canada, Asia, Caribbean, South America, India and Oceania. • Recognized need to address competitive environment that was negatively affecting sales. Analyzed and evaluated product line, identified features, advantages, and benefits, created value added business strategy that included new sales presentation and training curriculum. Executed strategy which resulted in a 20% sales increase that provided platform for continued long term sales growth throughout the ‘90’s. • Needed to generate sales through well-planned and controlled tactical expansion of distribution channels. Identified distribution nucleus from which all expansion would be generated; researched and analyzed potential channels of distribution, contacting, interviewing, evaluating, selecting and training each. Successfully executed channel expansion strategy, resulting in the sought after controlled sales growth forecast expansion by the end of 1996.

National Sales Manager, USA at Kaltenbach Inc.

1985 - 1993 | Columbus, IN

Directed all facets of strategic sales and distribution management for the U.S. including identifying, establishing, and managing strategic relationships to leverage and generate significant business opportunities. Direct Reports: 22; Worked with Cross-Functional Team of Indirect Reports: over 200 people. Sales cycle of 3 to 9 months generally • Recognized marketplace opportunity to increase sales. Utilized previous industry experience and relationships to build on trust, confidence, service, and support to new distributor partnership. Successfully executed new partnership that resulted in a 12% increase in revenue for the company. Operations Manager, Product Manager, Application Engineer

Don Klingstein's Education

Northwestern University, Kellogg Management Institute Executive Programs, Evanston, IL

1993 – 1994

Executive Program

Concentration: Major: Business Management, Strategic Planning, Communications, Target Marketing

Activities: Executive MBA - Major: Business Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing Communications Northwestern University, Kellogg Management Institute Executive Programs, Evanston, IL

Eastern Kentucky University - Richmond, KY.

Bachelor's Degree

Concentration: Major: Industrial Education Specialty Electrical Technology

Don Klingstein's Interests & Activities

Personally I enjoy all types of outdoor activities including biking, boating, camping, hiking, walking/running, working in our yard as well as working in my shop and maintaining our family home. I'm a very hands-on person that likes to create and build. In addition I enjoy traveling throughout North America, Europe and beyond learning about cultures and customs everywhere.

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